Tommy's Family

Tommy Diaz grew up in North Little Rock, AR and moved to New York City after graduating from Northwestern University to pursue an acting career on Broadway. While in New York he created Tommy Terrific's Wacky Magic show. He returned home to Arkansas with his family in order to raise his son in a more family environment, be close to Nana and Papa and restore a historic home in downtown Little Rock with his wife. Since then, Tommy and his wife have adopted 2 more kids, and his wife now works as an art teacher in the Little Rock School District. They have restored their historic house and have a lot of pets, including: 3 cats, a dog, and chickens. Tommy is very proud that for 11 years he has been able to bring all the fun and laughter of the Tommy Terrific's Wacky Magic show to Arkansas.

Tommy's Mentor

How did Tommy get started doing magic? When Tommy met his wife, his soon-to-be father-in-law was performing in Canada as Weldon the Wacky Wizard. Weldon thought Tommy could do some Wacky Magic, too. So, he got Tommy set up with a magic box, a folding table, and a Magician's Handbook. Tommy loved doing magic shows so much that he has now been doing the show full-time for the last 11 years. Weldon still lives in Canada, and he loves making Medieval musical instruments.